Hamid Nojavan

- Position: Chief Marketing Officer - Education: Master of Civil Engineering/Structure Hamid Nojavan is a skilled person with over 22 years of experience in management and marketing in the industry of housing and building construction projects. After completing his Masters in Civil Engineering from Tabriz University, Tabriz, East Azarbaijan, Iran, he started his career in Technical Office Management. Within a short period, his expertise led him to the role of Supervisor and Site Superintendent for multiple projects as Highways, Hospitals, University Faculties, schools, Water Supply Network, Wastewater refinery system, Water Supply Network stadium and melt development. His strength of project building has driven him to be the CEO and Chairman of The Board of Farasazeh Tabriz company. One of his strength areas while performing his role as CEO and Chairman of The Board of Farasazeh Tabriz was his ability to think creatively and innovatively. His professional judgment and discretion from his years of experience and his Budget-management proficiency make him an apt role player as a market leader. He was a person to introduce technology into his work as his skills of using the software as Abaqus, Auto Cad, Ms project, Primavera always gave him an upper hand during his tenure. He can exercise an intimate understanding of traditional and emerging marketing channels. He can make the business a success by introducing technology into his years of traditional marketing experience with combination skills.  

Jamshid Lakzaei

- Position: Chief Executive Officer - Education: Master of Science in Civil Engineering – Structural Engineering Jamshid LAKZAEI is a Senior Advisor in Constructional Projects with 17years of experience as a Supervisor at Sungun Tailings Dam Projects. Jamshid completed his master's in Civil Engineering from Ahar University in 2015.  He is also a skilled person in using software like AutoCAD Civil Design and other technologically advanced tools. His strong background in project management and project contracts helped foster a loop of various managerial tasks in him. It enhanced his leadership and soft skills, which has led him to achieve the position of Director and supervisor in Toossab Consulting Engineer, Tabriz, in 2011 after working as a civil Technician in the same company initially. As a Director and Supervisor, he developed high-quality business strategies and capacity to plan, ensuring their alignment with short-term and long-term objectives. He is a master in overseeing all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission. He led and motivated his subordinates to advance employee engagement develop a high-performing managerial team during his past work experiences. His involvement and variety of tasks made him an ideal candidate with a business mindset and capable of seeing the "big picture" in various settings.

Elham Nouri Aliabadi

- Position: Chief Financial Officer - Education:  Bachelor’s degree Certificate in accounting As a person of management accounting, Elham was always inclined towards developing sales strategies. She is one of the co-founders at PERNET - Content Enriching Platform. She completed her associate degree in accounting and then a Bachelors's from the Islamic Azad University of Iran. During her work experience in Anahita tour travel from 2011 to Sepehr Chap Mandegar from 2015 to 2017. After that, with Ofogh Gasht Tour Travel until 2021, she played the role of both sales and accounting simultaneously. She enhanced her working skills with the sales team to identify opportunities for new markets and growth during her tenure. She will coordinate with the sales team and develop sales incentive plans focusing on sales tools as survey, app-based promotions, and content-based promotions to achieve marketing goals with her involvement in PERNET.

Hanieh Tahmasebifard

- Position: Chief Technology Officer - Education Master Degree Certificate in Physical Education and Sport science- Sport Biomechanics Hanieh Tahmasebifard brings in technology and creativity with new ideas in her strength areas so far. After completing the Associate Degree in 2017 and Bachelor Degree in 2010, she successfully did her masters in Physical and Sports Science from the Borujerd branch of Islamic Azad University of Iran. She did not limit her skills in organizing sports events. Instead, she became responsible for the information system of multiple sports sites. Since 2019 she is the Vice-Chairperson for the Kermanshah Province Sport for ALL (GIRLS) on the board. Also, she was employed as the information system and site manager of Zurkhaneh Sports and Koshti Pahlevani Federation since 2018. During this experience, she worked with the site's content producers, determining the type, quality, and quantity needed for the website. There she got her expertise in assigning projects, editing content, and managing the employees who worked with the website's content. Hanieh was invited to an international introductory course in unifying coaching, refereeing, mentoring, Zurkhaneh Sports training, and a Specialized language trainer. Hence her expertise in communications at the international level is solid. With PERNET, she hopes to enhance her skills in creating and optimizing content for a higher visual audience to convert viewers successfully to clients.

Mehdi Niknafs

- Position: Product Manager - Education:  Doctorate Degree from International Law from Tehran Azad University Mehdi Niknafs has built his career based on his 23 years of experience in advocacy and teaching, making him a strong negotiator. With PERNET, he plans to exercise his knowledge basis by applying the best negotiation strategies in a pre-determined approach or prepared plan of action to achieve a specific goal for the business establishment and fundraising. He completed his Bachelors in Law from the University of Tehran and masters in International Law later from Shahid Beheshti University. He was awarded Ph.D. from the Tehran Science and Research Branch of Tehran Azad University, concentrating the International Law. He is the author of books entitled "Law of the sea" and "Torture in international law," where he explains and holds the strength to achieve the best result for business negotiations working on realistic proposals to avoid conflict. He will bring in his skills in negotiation and communication with PERNET clients to analyze search exposure, brand awareness and attract top-of-funnel visitors with blog posts created by the in-house team. Mehdi's previous involvement in multiple law courses makes him competent to negotiate strategic alliance leading company's prospect through the long-term buyer's journey and become business partners. He will also handle User suggestions and testing for the launch of the MoneyMaker Application.